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James O. Westgard, Ph.D., is the internationally recognized QC expert, originator of multirule QC (popularly known as the "Westgard Rules").

Dr. Westgard is an Emeritus Professor in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Wisconsin Medical School and President of Westgard QC, Inc. He has over 40 years experience in laboratory quality management.

Dr. Westgard has lectured and given workshops on five continents, in dozens of cities; published hundreds of abstracts, papers, chapters, and numerous books; provided QC consulting and advice to manufacturers, hospitals, and government agencies; received awards and honors from the AACC, ASCLS, NACB, the British Association of Clinical Biochemists, and the Australian Association of Clinical Biochemists. Most recently, he received the 2004 Laboratory Public Service National Leadership Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Washington G2 Lab Institute, and the 2005 Improved Quality Processes Award from the Institute for Quality in Laboratory Medicine.

Sten Westgard, MS, is the Director of Client Services and IT for Westgard QC. He has edited and contributed to numerous books on quality, including Basic QC Practices, Basic Method Validation, Six Sigma QC Design and Control, CLIA Final Rules, Assuring the Right Quality Right, and Nothing but the Truth about Quality.

He also manages the Westgard website, creating and administering online training, as well as editing and writing hundreds of reports, essays, and applications on quality control, method validation, Six Sigma and other laboratory management topics.